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44, male, Single

Akoro- Sogbo, Nigeria

I am simple, honest, decent and responsible. I am humble and reliable looking for a sincere partner. I hold a master's degree in Educational Technology.

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31, female, Single

Roxton, United States

Hey guys. I'm Nicole. 24 yoa. I'm an EMT student. And I'm also a cashier. My favorite color is pink. I love roses. I dream of traveling to Paris, France. I love music, sports, TV, movies, dancing, singing, mudding, four-wheeling.

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34, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

would say I am like a Chameleon, flexible and adabtible. I love to entertain/socialize yet, at the same time I need my alone time to renew and reflect. Art, music, fine food, a good book, and a good movie are all important to me. I never meet a stranger and I am always there to help with a pair of hands, a word of encouragement, or an understanding ear. I have had many wonderful experiences in my life and I have also experienced great loss. Spiritually, I feel it is each of our own responsibility to create the life we live and if we are not happy we have no one to blame but ourselves

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39, female, Single

Wyncote, United States

I am a simple girl who enjoys this life greatly. I have everything a woman dreams. I just miss the most important part of my life. I miss to be loved. I like long walks, sweet kisses and believe that sincere hug can add one year to person's life. So, how many years you want me to add you? I want a man. You ask how he looks, what he likes, what he wants in life? But here is a complete sentence. I need a real man. I believe a real man include all qualities I need. So, please write me, if you are a real man.

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24, female, Single

Crab Dmeriyine, Trinidad and Tobago

My name is Leyah. I'm 18 year old Trinidadian girl. I recently finished high school and going to start a cosmetology course in September, for one year. After I am going back to school to do sociology and physiology because, I want to be a social worker. I love to cook, read, party, long walks on the beach, spending time with my family and friends. If there is anything you want to know about me feel free to ask.

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